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pexels-photo-416343.jpegHere at Wanderlust and Pasta, I am always open to new and exciting blogging opportunities and collaborations. If you have a brand, product or adventure that you think would fit the Wanderlust and Pasta lifestyle I would love to work with you.

Wanderlust and Pasta is a travel and lifestyle blog mainly about my life and adventures in Italy and beyond. Not only do I love to share my adventures, travels and experiences but I also blog about what it’s like living in Italy.

I’ve previously worked with tourism boards, travel websites and tour companies. Here are some examples of my collaborations:

Aside from travel blogging, I am also a freelance writer and have a background in public relations and journalism. I offer a range of services including social media management, content creation and written copy for various mediums including but not limited to websites, blogs, newsletters and feature articles.

If you’re interesting in how I can help you and your brand, feel free to email me at