Christmas in Italy

IMG_9981Christmas in Padova. 

Growing up in Australia, Christmas has a very different vibe to its northern hemisphere friends. Instead of freezing our butts off in a cold or white Christmas and building snowmen, typically we are playing cricket at the beach and building sandcastles.


Driving in Italy

IMG_0591I've had many a road trips to visit this glorious tower. 

First things first, driving in Italy is not for the faint hearted! Their streets are often small and narrow, their highways big and fast, their traffic lights are sometimes in obscure places and that's all before even getting to the drivers themselves.


9 Italian customs and traditions

IMG_2546Colosseum in Rome. 

People often ask me what it's like living in Italy, and for the most part it is amazing. Obviously, it was an adjustment at the start in terms of lifestyle and way of living but generally Italian life is pretty simple.


7 tips for learning a new language

buranoBurano, Venice. 

So I have a confession to make. A very embarrassing and shameful one at that. After three years of living in Italy, I am no where near fluent in Italian. I would love and wish to be, but sadly I am not.


Why do I live in Italy?

IMG_0923.jpgVenice via gondola.

I think I get asked this question about 10 times a week. First comes the typical question of "Where do you come from?". And then almost instantly after I say Australia, the next question is always "You come from Australia? Wow, why do you live in Italy then?".


5 things living in Italy has taught me

it To say that moving to Italy is an adjustment, is an understatement. As beautiful and amazing as it is, living in Italy comes with many quirks and traditions that one must get used to. Here are five things I've learnt so far: