A weekend in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Streets of Ljubljana.  Slovenia is one of the most underrated European countries. Even I am guilty of ignoring it at times, using it only as a drive through to get to Croatia. But once I finally visited the small Balkan country, I was hooked. Slovenia is an incredibly beautiful country, rich in history and culture.…


7 ways Italians are different to Australians

IMG_5574 Living in Italy has some pretty amazing perks. The food, the history, the museums and churches, I mean do I really need to continue? But there is a big difference between traveling in Italy and living in Italy. As are there large differences between life back home in Australia and 'la dolce vita' here in Italia


Free walking tours

IMG_0734View of Zagreb Cathedral from Plato Grad. 

I don't know what rock I've been living under but I've only recently discovered free walking tours! For someone who is constantly trying to find ways to either budget or save money when traveling, it seriously baffles me that it's taken me this long.


Road trip around Italy

IMG_1085Biking around Amsterdam with half my family. BTW that's my mum on the right!!

Some of you may have noticed that I've been a very bad blogger of late. I apologise! However, in loo of blogging I've actually been traveling, eating copious amounts of food, gaining inspiration for the blog and enjoying some family time.


Christmas in Italy

IMG_9981Christmas in Padova. 

Growing up in Australia, Christmas has a very different vibe to its northern hemisphere friends. Instead of freezing our butts off in a cold or white Christmas and building snowmen, typically we are playing cricket at the beach and building sandcastles.


Padova city guide

IMG_6084 I still vividly remember the day I moved to Padova. It was smack bang in the middle of summer in 2014 and the city was a ghost town. I remember thinking to myself that we had made a huge mistake and that we needed to get our butts back on a plane to England asap.


How to eat cheap in Italy

IMG_7559Pizza al Taglio in Venice. 

One of the things I look forward to most when travelling to a new city or country is the food! Ok, who am I kidding, I look forward to food any time, full stop. But, when visiting a new place I get extra excited about all the NEW food I can try.