Share the Wanderlust: Nardia from Lost in Florence

Lost_in_Florence_Bjork © Sofie Delauw-9Nardia from Lost in Florence. 

One of the reasons why I started Wanderlust and Pasta was mainly to document and share my travels for my family and friends back home. But, as the idea progressed I realised it wasn’t just my travels I wanted to share, but others as well. Share the Wanderlust was a result of that.

Today’s Share the Wanderlust post is from another fellow Australian currently residing in  Florence. If you’re a reader of travel blogs, or follow travel bloggers on Instagram you may be familiar with her as she is the lovely lady behind Lost in Florence.

What I love most about Lost in Florence is that it’s not just your typical travel blog, but more so an in depth guide to Florence. Of course it has your go to spots and tips for Florence, but Nardia also highlights local businesses as well which I really like.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and be sure to check Nardia out over at Lost in Florence. 


1. What made you settle on Florence as a place to live? 

I have always had a curious nature and been drawn to the history and varied cultures in Europe, and around the world. Growing up in Australia was incredible, but I knew there was a big world out there to explore and Europe seemed a magical land so far from my homeland.

As for Florence, I always say Florence chose me. From the first time I visited as a teenager, I was hooked. Travelling with my parents and sister through Western Europe over the course of a month, we were on our own Grand Tour. I adored Paris, enjoyed London and Amsterdam but coming to Italy, and specifically, Florence was on another level.

The sheer beauty of the buildings, the array of art, characterful cobbled streets and picturesque squares, all packaged in this small city was intoxicating. Florence is small, around 300,000 residents, so has a village feel; it’s easy to move around on foot or bicycle, you soon get to know your local barista or green grocer, and often bump into friends in the street. So I settled in Florence for the lifestyle and all its exquisite beauty.

2. For those wanting to travel and/or make a move to Italy, what would say are the biggest differences you need to get used to? 

Culturally we are quite different. Australians are laid back but have a strong ‘can-do’ ethic; Italians are more dramatic and aren’t as proactive in certain situations (I say this with the utmost love). So, coming to Italy, be it visit or for a longer period, you have to adjust to the Italian ways, and pace, of life and learn to enjoy Italy’s quirks. Time keeping? Who needs that! Long-winded paperwork for the most simple of things? Sure! The best way to understand and enjoy the Italian way of life is to embrace it – not complain about it.  Then, sure enough, you will get into the rhythm of life that makes the country’s ‘la dolce vita’ so sweet. That said I am still always on time!


3. If you could describe Florence in 3 sentences or less, what would you say?

A seductive city that still holds a lot of mystery (which is why travellers consistently wish to return). For art lovers, foodies, and fashionistas, there is something for everyone. Unparalleled beauty in the simple to the sublime, Florence never disappoints.

4. 24 hours in Florence… 

Oh, there is so much, and such variety, to enjoy in Florence this is a hard question, it depends on my mood and the day/season. However, say in the warmer months, a day in Florence may look like this:

  • Morning yoga class at Yoga Garage to start the day
  • Doppio cappuccino made by barista Marco at La Menagere
  • Morning stroll around the rooms of the Bargello gallery
  • Traditional Tuscan lunch at Del Fagioli
  • Lazy afternoon in Villa Bardini gardens with a book, a blanket and small prosecco picnic
  • Early evening aperitivo at Santa Rosa Bistro by the old city walls in San Frediano
  • Light dinner at Burro e Acciuga enjoying their fresh seafood-infused Ligurian cuisine
  • If it is a weekend night, I will pop back to La Menagere on the way home to the jazz basement lounge for the free music that starts at 9 p.m. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • BED!


5. Any insider tips for us?

The first Sunday of every month all the state museums are free in Italy. It is worth bookmarking if you are in the major cities around this time per month.

Also, November is the best month (in my opinion) to travel in Florence: fewer tourists, perfect for gallery strolling, and there is still a lot of that Tuscan sun shining. Plus it’s harvest time for oil and the truffle fair is on in the nearby Tuscan town of San Miniato, so it’s the perfect time to visit for a foodie, also.

6. What are your top 3 bucket list destinations? 

This list steadily grows just when I think it’s being reduced! It currently looks like this:

  • Burma
  • Berlin
  • Copenhagen

All very doable and I’ll make it to all three soon I hope (if not distracted by other destinations in-between). That’s part of the joy of travelling if you have a little wanderlust, there is always more to experience and explore, there is always a new destination to see. Life is certainly never dull.

*All photographs taken by Sofie Delauw from The Curious Eater. 


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