Why do I live in Italy?

IMG_0923.jpgVenice via gondola.

I think I get asked this question about 10 times a week. First comes the typical question of “Where do you come from?”. And then almost instantly after I say Australia, the next question is always “You come from Australia? Wow, why do you live in Italy then?”.

At first glance, most people I assume I am studying here or taking a year off to explore and travel but in actual fact I get to call this beautiful country home because of my very talented fiancé, Jeremy, and his career.

You see, he is a professional rugby union player and we’ve been very lucky in that rugby has taken us all over the world. Well, it’s taken him and I’ve just tagged along for the ride.

We have lived in Italy for three years, going on four this year and if I’m being totally honest, I kind of never want to leave. Whilst living here definitely drives me up the walls some days (see here), other days I book a €5 flight to Mykonos and think to myself, is this real life?

Padova was only meant to be a stepping stone for us and for Jeremy’s career, but we ended up falling in love with the city, the lifestyle and the freedom it affords us to travel and so, we kind of never left.

Prior to Italy, we lived in England for a year and New Zealand for a year and a half before that. And aside from that, rugby has taken us to Japan, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany and for Jeremy, countless more countries.

To say that we have been very lucky is an understatement. We have been truly been blessed! Both in terms of being able to travel the world and the people we’ve met along the way.

Short and sweet, but there you have it, that’s how I’ve ended up living in Italy!

So if you guy’s have any questions for me in regards to living and moving overseas, feel free to comment below or send me an email and ask away =)


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